Public Education Coverage

I stumbled onto the education beat fresh out of college as an intern at the San Jose Mercury News. It was the summer, so with schools closed, my editors figured I couldn’t mess up too badly. But the superintendent in East Palo Alto was indicted on 19 felony conflict-of-interest charges, and I quickly had my hands full. As I helped cover the case and learned about the inequalities facing students in the East Palo Alto district, I developed a passion for urban school reform that has continued to grow in the 13 years since. In addition to reporting and editing about education, I have taught yoga to teens and families in an underserved neighborhood in Brooklyn, and I serve on the board of a nonprofit that provides yoga to at-risk and incarcerated youth. Here are some samples of my stories.


“A Promise to Renew”: I am now in my second year following a struggling Newark school in collaboration with the Hechinger ReportNJ Spotlight and WNYC Public Radio

 “The Power of Preschool Done Right” (Hechinger Report and NBC News)

Archive of Hechinger Report articles and blog posts available here.

Profile of Andrés Alonso: The Baltimore schools chief, who has attracted national attention for the improvements he has made to public education there, gave me extraordinary access to follow him through his first 18 months on the job.
“Big Job” op-ed: When Dr. Alonso arrived in Baltimore, I wrote him an open letter about the challenges ahead.
Filipino teacher series: Baltimore is one of many cities that turned abroad to fill hard-to-staff teaching vacancies. I spent a year trailing a teacher who left her husband and three young children in the Philippines to teach special education in a troubled Baltimore school. My series inspired the 2011 PBS documentary “The Learning.” Replay an online chat I participated in about the film for the PBS NewsHour.
“Work Paid For, Undone”: An article I wrote about incomplete repairs to Baltimore school buildings.
School Budget Full of Errors”: In this story, I reported on discrepancies in a school system budget.
Tracking Down Truants”: My day with two truancy officers for the Baltimore school system.
InsideEd: The blog I wrote for The Baltimore Sun. See the archives from May 2009 and earlier. In one of my final entries, I explained my reasons for volunteering to be laid off by the newspaper.